Friday, May 27, 2005

I wonder.....

I often find myself wondering about a lot of crazy things...and one fav subject is that of 'GOD'....

I wonder if God exists. If he does then why did he make misery and pain? Did he do that to make us realise the value of happiness? If yes, then why is it that some ppl are miserable most of the times and that too because of factors that they couldnt have done much about (poverty/culture/country/gender) and others happier because of things that they never did ( inherited riches/better genes/beauty/etc).

Agreed a poor man can be happy too and so can be some one less talented but isnt a 'happy rich' happier than a 'happy poor'? I dunno why...more often than not I dont get convinced by the conventional concept of God.

Yes, I do believe in the 'goodness of life'. I believe that 'what ever goes around comes around', I believe that hard work pays off..sooner or later, I believe that a genuine man lives a better life than a crooked one, I believe that the little happiness you spread around multiplies and comes back to u....

Can this belief of mine be called 'God'?

I also believe that its okay to lie if its for a 'just' cause, its okay to listen to your heart sometimes or maybe most of the times, its okay to be selfish sometimes, its okay to do things that do not confirm to the universal 'rights', its okay to NOT be able to live upto somebody's faith if you would be unfaithful to yourself by doing that, sometimes if you can justify to yourself things that you can't justify to others or maybe to anybody in this world...its okay.

In essence, I am saying that things that dont hurt my conscience are okay with me...and that's probably 'God' for me.

Does that mean my 'God' is different from yours? Does it mean every individial has a 'God' of his own....could we then define 'God' as every individual's sense of 'righteousness'?

Is that why we say 'God exists within us'......I wonder...

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Life's calling..where are you?

..if u have seen the smirn off ad..its by far the most amazing creative piece I have seen on air..and yes definitely very inspiring..

Monday, May 23, 2005

High on life...

Was happily busy last weekend attending the 2 day workshop on Assessments.Learnt so much in these 2 days. It was about this psychometric test ( 16 PF) that maps your entire personality ( 16 traits ) and puts in front of you a mirror image of self..
I can actually counsel ppl based on their answers..(yehoo!)

I will be certified in the renowned test soon..16PF ( 5th edition) from Oxford Psychometric me a great feeling!!

Actually i was a part of the workshop conducted by my organisation..was responsible for organising the whole thins actually..had been working hard on it for almost a month. It went off very tonnes of appreciation mails today frm all...(double yehoo!)

Now that its over, am sooooo tired..'happily tired' :-))...jes the way i feel after my strenuous workout every morning ..the sweat on my body is not irritating for once..
GIVES ME A HIGH like none other..

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Woooow...innocent promised, I have one of his best pics on my blog today!!

....There's always a positive and brighter side to things..things that we didn't's not always possible to control our circumstances..during such times one should make the best of whatever they have..

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

John Admirehim.....;-)

I was jes going thru one of the blogs..and read somewhere abt how somebody dislikes John Abraham..

So I jes thot of jotting down a few things I adore about the guy:

His brains..not brawn (like his witty responses to qs put to him by the media..)

His sensibility AND sensitivity ( loved his comments for the older women at Koffee with Karan..i.e. Zeenat Amaan and Hema Malini)

His love for parents ( exhausted his earnings in a house that he bought for is touching..)

Down to earth (he's up there and yet when he appeared on the Vir Sanghvi show he was shy like a guy whom nobody had seen or whom nobody admired..who didn't have millions of fans..)

Sense of control.. he looks so much in control of his life..and patient with his ambitions..(looks like a control freak to me..)

Love that man...he deserves a lot more than what he has today!!
Way to go John!
Will try an post a pic of his soon....

Friday, May 13, 2005

this is so true...

Am in this mood rite now..sittin in office..half way thru the day...any suggestions what to do..

Frens are for keeps..

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Songs that I love..

There’s a hero..if u look inside your heart you don’t have to be afraid of who you are…there’s an answer…

Ruk Jana nahi…
.............Tu kahin haar ke.. kaanton se chalke milenge saaye bahaar ke..‘shaam suhaani ban jaate hain din intezaar ke’( my fav line)

I believe I can fly
..I believe I can touch the sky..think abt it every night n day..

(Beautiful voice..lovely lyrics..)

Heal the world…
.....Make it a better place for you and for me…and the entire human race….
(love humming it)

I hate everything abt u…
(I love the song in a very funny way actually…jes love the lyrics..)

Beautiful Girl..stay with me….

Hungry eyes..One look at you…n I can’t describe 've got hungry eyes…

..chiquitita you and I cry….but the Sun is stealing the sky and shining above you…
..try once more like you did before..sing a new song chiquitita….
( it’s as if ABBA is singing to me…talking to me…nudging me to get and do better)

The winner takes it all…loser standing small..besides the victory..that’s her destiny….
( love the pain in her voice)

Ab na jaa…pyaar ki yeh raat hai..ab na jaa..choti si ye rate hain ab na jaa…

Tera Mera Pyaar sanam…waada hai kabhi hoga na kam…
( lovely duet..the only song in which I like phalguni’s voice…)

Bulla ki jaana main koun…
( I like the attitude with which this guy sings..and though I don’t really understand the entire thing but the song implies that he’s a nobody…)

How do u do…
( Love the way it begins…) I see you comb your hair..

Dil hoom hoom kare….tadpaye…( Rudaali)

lots more...later...

the world that we desire..

"The world you desire can be won. It exists, it is real, it is possible, it is yours."

These words are worth reading a hundred times over..and this is why i believe it's important for all of us to have dreams..dreams that sound may appear 'impractical', 'ridiculous' or unachievable.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

about relationships and love..

I feel there’s something technically wrong with the phrase ‘falling in love’..being in love is a conscious effort…but yes falling out of love happens on its own….

Also, I guess one shares a unique chemistry with every other person in this world. One cannot compare any two relationships bw any 2 indivs..jes like life has made each one of us so different from the other, similarly the kind of relationship that each one shares with the other is one of it’s kind in this world.

I saw this beautiful and (yet very tragic) movie some time back ‘Monster’…the relationship between the lady and her ‘girl’ friend..was a unique and beautiful one..and yet it ended tragically…but the depth with which the emotions of the heroine are depicted for her friend was the most touching thing I have seen lately…

It’s amazing how love could fill your life with so much and how it’s absence could you leave you so broken and empty.
It’s a powerful emotion…and could control a lot..unless one is strong enuf..

so much to write..

am so excited abt creating my own blog..that i can't help but write..have so much to share much..and guess what there's no body to stop me here..yehoooo!

my entry into the blog world...

am feelin' good about creating this..wanna add lots and lots actually....
the way i feel abt ppl abt life..abt things..about rights..about wrongs..

have always had an unconventional approach towards looking at things and have always believed in myself..and stood by myself no matter what..have sometimes approved of the most disapproved of things that ppl do..have also done the opposite....guess that's why ..i am zombie..