Tuesday, July 26, 2005

About my dear blog fren-Minerva

A few things I feel are true about my dear blog fren-Minerva
(and are not evident from her blog)

Hi Minerva, hope you don't get angry with this.

1. She likes to sing ( but may not do it publicly)
2. She doesn't wish to be very popular.
3. She has her own meaning of 'Success'. Success for her is a very relative term and for her its a personal definition of this word that would give her satisfaction. For her, being successful would include happiness in personal, professional and spiritual front.
4. She likes somebody who's not close to her.
5. She has 2-3 good friends who are close to her and who she really cherishes. She tries not 2 be mean to others .
6. She's not very fond of food.
7. She doesn't go by the public opinion of people/events/books etc.
8. She's above average in studies(may be better).
9. Her height is about 5 2"
10.She's a kind soul( kinder than she knows she is!)

Lemme know how much of the above is true...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Anti climax!

It's amazing how crudely judgemental we sometimes get, of the people we love and who are/were an essential part of our lives. A lot of our problems/miseries and confusions in life could be resloved if we begin accepting ppl as they are. That is not to say that we should tolerate bad/unjust behaviour but lets accept that a person who has habitually been a certan way cant be changed overnight....blah blah blah..blah...

I can't bear to forgive...coz am NOT GREAT and it gives me more satisfaction to blame a person who has been so bad to me. May the ASSHOLE go to hell!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

It's Time..

Time to move on and leave the past behind,
it's good to keep memories; better to discard which plague the mind,

The world lies ahead of me, waiting to be explored,
don't jes lie dead , scared of being abhorred.
Be happy my soul- smile, laugh and shine,
this life belongs to me and its thrills are all mine

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Feeling bad...are you?

If you ever feel ashamed of something that you may have done in the past..jes know that it's okay. Feel bad about it, curse yourself if you want but also remember at the back of your head that feeling ashamed is a positive feeling. It means you are aware of your mistakes and if to no one else you have acknowledged the wrong to your own conscience.Feel bad but also feel good that you are on your way to being a better individual, more aware of self and humble enough to realise your mistakes.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Happennings in my life lately…

Have started reading again…after a long time and I absolutely love the time spent in solitude with jes me and the things that I like to do(read/paint/write/make collages/long walks alone..). Its like going into a different space. Don’t wanna ever stop now.

Started caring more for parents and family. Have been spending more and more time with them especially mom. I understand her (she tells me), like nobody. I can feel her pain abt things..things which I can help and those which I can’t. I wanna see her happy, want to help her achieve her dreams which are still ALIVE in her.. those that she couldn’t achieve when she could have (because the time was right for her) but the circumstances weren’t. Its my personal goal to help her achieve a part of this in the coming 6 months and guess what.. I am already on my way..

Have lost weight. I feel more fit and yes definitely lighter!

Am moving to a new role in the same organization. I was being appreciated abt my efforts in making my unit one of the best in the country. ( Have got this trait from my mom I guess.. the undying need to be noticed for my hard work..to be somebody..). But the handover is painful, to the new recruit in my place. Coz this office was being set up by me..like my baby..

Now that I have summarized things..well it does feel good. Guess I am going in the right direction…Would love to continue.