Wednesday, March 22, 2006

All I wanna do...

no job, no challenges, no achievements, no colleagues, no frenships, no break offs, no relationships, no hate, no love, no clarity, no confusion, no obligations.....This is ALL I WANNA DO!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

13 things I wanna do this year:

1. Go for a 10 day trek
2. Change my job
3. Make a new friend for life..
4. Revive 3 old friendships I cherished but didn’t maintain.
5. Smile more often & make an attempt at being a more friendly person.
6. Not be miserable nor show it
7. Get seriously involved in a social cause and continue it.
8. Start writing a book.
9. Lose 8 kgs of weight.
10. Go for dancing classes
11. Be more process oriented
12. Define the purpose of my life.
13. Remember to review it next year

Does anyone wanna share their 13 expectations from self..I won’t mind even 14/15 for that matter…

Friday, March 10, 2006

Intriguing comments...

I am posting an intriguing comment from Pakiya, on this old post of mine I wrote almost one year back. It surpasses the original content on my post in so many ways that I was compelled to put it up here again and delve deeper...Thanks Pakiya ( lets continue commenting on this one..


am catching up on all your posts. I hv become an admirer and you have inspired me to become a blogger.

I will provide my 2 cents worth on this subject and hopefully in the process i will also be able to add some additional clarity and/or confusion to your insightful thoughts.

Definition of God or understanding his/her existence or form is limited by the finite capacity of our mind. You can only understand/comprehend
what human mind can rationalize and explain.

God neither makes misery or happiness. It is a vicious circle of want and fulfillmet or lack thereof that triggers misery and happiness.

Human nature is engineered and programmed to search and seek out happiness and goodness (u are right!!) but in our finite wisdom we look to the external world for our happiness and that for sure is doomed to fail.

You are absolutely right in not being convinced of the conventional concept of God (driven by religion). But I don't agree with your concept of an individual god. That is just the pendulum swinging to the other side.

I have constantly struggled with these notions.

Any concept of god that cannot be applied or does not dictate every second of our life is just that - a concept. Neither a defined "religious order" nor a "personalized conscience" allows us to get closer to the universal nature of god.

In my mind there is a universal god that transcends all religious and personal boundaries. The traditional wisdom of god is absolute beauty and absolute goodness (the hellenic philosophers came to this independent conclusion some 2000 years after indian sages figured it out!!). There are different paths to uniting with this god. Most of these paths have become strewn with the debries of religious fanaticsm or relativism.

But at the heart of it is a very scientific approach that has been mastered and handed down to us from thousands of yrs back by our ancestors.

We in India are fortunate to be part of that lienage. But unfortunately we have had no messiahs that has been made it simple enough for the comman man to understand or practice this scientific approach. Here is what i mean..

I am sure u have heard of the 4P's. u not only need a great Product, but you need good Positioning, attractive Pricing and compelling Promotion.

I am advocating a marketing division for "achieving oneness with god" :)))

All u can do is subscribe to the 4P's and become a dedicated consumer. In the short term the benefit is you learn to conquer the finiteness of your mind and your senses and in the longer term you get closer to achieving the ideal.

One big hindrance to this is that this pursuit of happiness and oneness with that universal entity cannot be accomplished in one life time though. It might take many lifes to do that. and then your mind gets in the way again because you now have to believe and be able to explain afterlife and rebirth...

Goes back to the point of just submitting yourself to certain fundamental truths/laws of nature that you don't want to question. u really want to trust the marketing guy :)

Easier said than done...

I wonder why I am still such a pig and how many afterlifes I still have in my pursuit of god.