Friday, April 21, 2006

The path ahead...

The only thing constant in life is change and yet we consciously/ sub- consciously keep resisting it .

The process of changing is painful and I guess I’m going through that pain right now, not sure if the end result would be worth all of this. What keeps me going is the faith that I have in myself, my ideologies and my individual assessment of right and wrong. I hope I am able to keep this faith alive and I hope it won’t let me down very often.

As I move on, I am excited about the journey ahead but it saddens me to remember that which I leave behind. It somehow keeps pulling me back. The times spent together, those innocent days, first salary, small joys, little dreams, thoughts about marriage, opinion about guys, the initial hesitation at work, those valentine’s days, mindless commitment to certain things….

We learn and become wise but somewhere within...miss the bliss in ignorance that we leave behind.