Saturday, July 22, 2006

Tarot Reading

My new fascination these days. Visit for a free reading of your first three chosen cards. I dunno if it's accurate, actually these things never are, one interprets em the way they want but u know what - it's fun..especially when u got nothin more sensible goin on with u. :-)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Monsoons are here!

Weather in Delhi is improving..Rain God decided to show some mercy on us, hardworking Delhiites!

Rite now it's cloudy outside, the temperature's come down, water in taps is cool and people are havin fun comin in late for work or jes takin the day off enjoying the romantic weather. At the traffic signals there's less honking of horns - the temperaments in this city cool down with the fall in temperature.

Monsoon sales are on and my knees go weak every time I see a hoarding advertising a 50% OFF( with a small 'upto' written at the bottom)...I try n reason with myself..I jes blew up a lot of money buying stuff as if the malls were going on a vacation and finally decide-in keeping with the spirit of the season - let's jes succumb to temptations!