Sunday, August 20, 2006

Can I tell u how happy I am....

Someone told me old girl pal of mine ...

"Liking you makes me a good person too"

"To know to like you"

My day is year!!!! One of the biggest compliments I have ever received.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Love is not..

I scribbled these lines on a tattered piece of paper, trying to kill time while waiting for my driver to pick me up….

…Last time I did this (wrote something down while waiting for someone), I was hit by an emotion called ‘love’. Now when I think about it I wonder if the conventional meaning of this term, so frequently used or ‘misused’, really co-incides with my notion/understanding of the same.

To me love is not that which hits you suddenly and makes the world go round (though it may start with that...)
Love is not just something that which makes you lose your sleep, your appetite or even your senses..
Love is not a mystery..
And love is definitely not blind..

Love doesn’t make you dependent, it bestows you with someone you can depend upon.
Love doesn’t degenerate into a routine, it stays with you like a beautiful feeling forever.
Love is there by your side when nothing else is, like a rock solid faith.
Love is that which makes you feel good about who you are and yet shows you the way to what you can be.
Love is that which you want to make grow. It needn’t be perfect but that which you want to achieve perfection at.
Love is not providence, love is that which you make possible without it ever having a chance of happening on it’s own.
Love is not a mystery – it’s a sequence of events

And love is not is that which guides you..counsels you, supports you, helps you without ever making you feel grateful for it.

To be able to love is to be able to empathise, tolerate and forgive..

It's not that the absence of any of the above means love is incomplete, nor is the above piece comprehensive. It would take a life time to put down in a few words what this emotion implies. This infact is just an expression what love has been for me and what it has been not.