Sunday, November 26, 2006

Truly zombie...

I have lived the last three months of my life like a zombie (lived upto my name )…only pain and confusion reigns. I keep asking myself what could I have done different/differently to save myself from facing this situation today…wonder why I love him so much?

Can’t seem to get him out of my head…how I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him and then live happily ever after.I guess I am not one of those lucky one’s in life with whom happiness stays for long... It comes in spurts and then vanishes leaving me more drained each time. He’s gone for good..

Why did I get to know how beautiful life could be when I could have blissfully lived in ignorance not knowing what it meant to be with someone you have so longed for all your life and not known about that longing either..

Don’t know when and how will I be able to get myself out of this rut!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Champ in the making..

I finally remembered my blog's password....and here I am!

Met up with a couple of frens last night..went to the New Delhi Railway station to have coffee at Wimpy's (the only thing I like to have there). My friend had brought a junior from her office along with her...sweet lil 'bacchaa', a constant source of entertainment for the rest of us who usually doubles up as our errand boy. :-)

We ordered him to sing for us...and wanted to burst out laughing the second he began(that's what we do at everything he says or does)...but when he started it was like....tears came to my eyes...people all around us just stood leaving whatever they were doing(including the Wimpy's boys at the counter)..a small crowd gathered as this sweet little chap sang from the bottom of his heart..the words that still ring in my mind and give me goosebumps..

Bin tere kya hai jeena...
mere dil ki raani tum..
meri khushiyon ka mausam..
mere khwaabon ki taaviz..
mere sapno ki tasveer..
bin tere kaisi aas..
woh jeet ho ya haar..
tere sang hai sab kuch..
tu nah hai to bekaar..
bin tere kya hai jeena..

suni khaali raatein..
ruthi feeki battein..
har aahat pe chaukun..
tujhko harsu dekhoon..
tujhko hardam sochun..
tujhko har pal chahoon..
tere bin tho jeevan bas hai intezaar..
bin tere kya hai jeena..

Absolutely beautiful!!