Sunday, December 02, 2007


Whenever I have sat down and spoken to my mother - I get amazed at what all she has been through and how she endured it all. It hasn't changed her as a person - it has only made her wiser. How she stood by my father despite all that he did to her.

If I were her I would have divorced him years ago. The more I hear about what all she has faced - the more sceptical I get of the whole concept of marriage. Though divorce is a solution available - it may not be the best thing to do - especially not in the generation of which she's a part.

All I can do is thank her for bearing with it all - not letting any of it affect our lives - leading us, her kids, to live normal lives and helping us become what we are today.

Dad has changed as a person today - she's happy with him now but obviously she paid a heavy price for it through the years.

This then leads me to wonder

- should you get into a marriage at all if you don't know the person well enough from before? (her's was an arranged marriage)

- shouldn't both partners be independent financially? (she was dependent on him and may have thought of separation if she weren't)

- is it best to try and make it work because not only are you securing the lives of those you have brought into this world(your kids) but also your own happiness?

Robot factory

It's funny how when you are a part of an organisation - they try and rob you off all your originality and want to see you acting/behaving/talking/reacting/working like the rest of them.

I am not here to ape anyone, am here to deliver results. When I as an individual am ready to work for an organisation that doesn't necesarily match my philosophy and vision in every way then why should they expect the same from me?

I am not violating rules. I drive myself crazy trying to give everything my best and not because I expect some sort of a trophy in return but because it gives me satisfaction.

If you can't appreciate that, the least you can do is not ask me to shed my personality - that consitutes what I am, that drives me and that which defines me. And if you do then - screw you!