Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One two cha cha cha ..

So my Salsa teacher decided to go a little off track today seeing us all struggle with the steps and started teaching us CHA CHA CHA!!

Man...it was so much fun and guess what I think I finally found myself a nice partner in the vague office crowd! His pace matches with mine and also his frame :)

And we got the steps right in the first go...yipeeee!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Writer at heart..

They say everything happens for a reason. Or maybe we find reasons to everything that happens trying to make sense of it. Anyways, atleast for today I will try and go with what they originally say rather than my own skeptical view of the same :)

This colleague is office told me today her uncle is settled in Greece. Out of curiousity I asked what he does for a living. Apparently he writes...I couldn't believe my ears...what did she just say! He writes..as in a professional writer? Yes, he has written a couple of off-beat books and someone somewhere read one of them and liked it so much that he now writes scripts for Hollywood! One of his scripts has even been made into a movie...

Could people actually follow their heart and succeed in life? Do they have the luxury of doing what they enjoy most and yet be successful..enough to make people envy them..to make them famous and earn enough to lead a lifestyle they have always yearned for? I kept thinking about it for a while..it was stuck in my head..and then when I came back home..I read this note on my scrapbook in Orkut telling me what I wrote on a community page left an impression on the person and that I write well. :)

This is what I had written:


Could I divert from this path tread so often and do something bizarre..

Could I follow my dreams of doing what I really want,

Could I free myself of all pretense,

Could I not give a damn if I make a pretty picture,

Could I love, live and die how I want?

Is life sending me a signal?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

it must have been love

Lay a whisper on my pillow, leave the winter on the ground. I wake up lonely, theres air of silence in the bedroom and all around. touch me now, I close my eyes and dream away.

It must have been love but its over now. it must have been good but I lost it somehow. it must have been love but its over now. from the moment we touched til the time had run out.

Make-believing were together, that Im sheltered by your heart. but in and outside Ive turned to water like a teardrop in your palm. and its a hard winters day, I dream away.

It must have been love but its over now, it was all that I wanted, now Im living without. it must have been love but its over now, its where the water flows, its where the wind blows.

Hindi classic - Arth

I was on a VCD buying spree this weekend. Bought some old Hindi classics and for once didn’t wanna contribute to piracy so bought all originals – basically the one’s which had a 50% off :) but good one’s –

1. Arth ( Shabana Azmi, Smita Patil, Kulbhushan Kharbhanda, Raj kiran. Directed by Mahesh Bhatt)
2. Ek Din 24 Ghante ( Nandita Das, Rahul Bose)
3. Yun hota tho kya hota (
4. Yahaan (Jimmy Shergill and Minissha)
5. Utsav

As of now am done watching only ‘Arth’ but am really excited to finish the rest.

Putting down a small review here:

Arth is a movie about this woman, an orphan – Shabana Azmi who’s husband a movie director falls in love with an actress-Smita Patil, who too is madly in love with him. Despite there being nothing wrong in their marriage, he has this extra marital affair. He breaks the news to his wife after sometime and starts living with the actress.

Shabana soon comes to terms with reality and starts searching her own identity. She doesn’t give up on life – finds a job with the help of a man who’s a struggling Ghazal singer. She also goes on to adopt her maid’s daughter and chooses to live life with her, experiencing motherhood. The husband comes back to her later, after having a breakup with the actress lover but she doesn’t take him back.

My take – the songs by the struggling ghazal singer ( Jagjit Singh’s ) most famous one’s – are beautiful. How Shabana finds a way to spring back to life despite being devastated, is brilliant. The movie also depicts the struggle that the other woman goes through, in accepting the guilt of doing this to the wife. She can’t deal with the insecurity that the man could go back to his wife and ends up being mentally disturbed.

Great theme, beautifully dealt with, brilliant acting and touching songs!

Making new mistakes..

Read something in the newspaper today. This is by Maa Usha as she is referred to, who gives weekly Tarot updates in the Hindustan Times. Now, I don’t know if Tarot is a perfect science but what she said, is worth quoting here I thought:

Life is so precious – live it. I am not saying you will not mistakes – you will. Remember only one thing – don’t make the same mistakes again and again. A man who can find new mistakes to make will be growing continuously – that is the only way to learn, that is the only way to come to your inner light says Osho the Zen master.