Monday, February 04, 2008

Something I wrote on a friend

Was it compassion,
Or was it funny that she smiled;
Was she really happy,
Or was it something she tried to hide.

Gets lost in her creative pursuits,
Structured on the outside,
An artist at the roots.
She could goof up..And make it look fine;
She could faulter, and yet never cross the line.

A head above her shoulders,
Emotions under boulders;
She moves on in life..
Lucky man he would be to whom she would be wife! :)

She could kill with her looks,
But she would rather drown in books;
She could intimidate,
But she'd rather put it straight.

She giggles for a while,
And regains composure like she never lost it;
A child at heart, a woman in body..
It would seem natural even if she flaunted