Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Confused sandwich

Encouraged by the loss of eleven kg’s which I experienced in the last three months, I treated my self to two brown bread sandwiches today.

For the brave at heart the recipe is as below:

Chop an onion and some cabbage and fry them in a little oil. Sprinkle it with some salt and red chilly powder. Fill this up in two pieces of brown bread and put the thing on a pan at a low flame till it turns crisp.

If you don’t burn it, you can also try and eat it. I did and I absolutely abhorred the result of my experimental cooking. I just couldn’t get any taste! In parts I could taste onions, sometimes cabbage and then the burnt toast (yes I managed to do that as well).

It was as if my sandwich was confused! I guess it couldn’t decide what it should taste like and let me take that call. As for me – I was just content that I put something inside my deprived stomach which was crying for dinner tonight. (Though I thought I could faintly hear my taste buds abusing me all the time wondering why I put them through this torture).

Right now though I have decided to take the plunge, amidst all the ho-ha shopping and arrangements, I feel exactly like that confused sandwich which has been stuffed with many varied emotions that it can’t deal with and also badly burnt. I will satiate the hunger of those craving to see my ‘happily married’ state but will not be able to keep anyone’s taste buds happy I guess.

On that note – Good night to all you. Hope you were blessed with a better dinner!

Right or wrong?

What is being morally correct? Being true to yourself or living up to the expectations of the world.

While it doesn’t take much to answer the correct option (which would be the former), how many of us actually practise it in our lives. In fact do we follow our heart at all if it were at the cost of being sniggered at.

Take for instance marriage. They say we should marry at the right age. It’s true that there’s no point in tying the knot if you can’t practically sustain it due to the logistics but beyond that, who is to say what is the right or wrong age for doing it? If you haven’t found someone you can connect with, why take the trouble of doing it at all?