Friday, June 06, 2008

Pearls of wisdom

I have always felt that I won't live very long and so before I vanish from the face of this earth...I thought I should put my words of wisdom down here lest the world be deprived of it ! :)

It's okay to doubt things, people, attitude and situations. Don't feel bad if they don't instill confidence in you. Validate/negate your fear and move ahead accordingly.

The definition of maturity becomes more advanced at every stage. There's always scope to become better.

Be well planned and prepared. Admit your mistakes at least to yourself. Never lose sight of the bigger picture. Don't get so involved in doing your job that you neglect the essentials for achieving your goals.

Do not judge people by their looks and demeanour lest you want to be shallow.

Don't ever be rude.

Stop being gloomy. Be happy.

Make sense and don't bend over backwards to please people.

Don't neglect your body and personal life.

The ability to rise above all problems and not fall weak during times of distress determines how successful you are in life.