Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Singh is King

I watched SIK day before yesterday and wanted to post a review.

Now I am not going to get into whether it's a blockbuster hit or a one time watch etc. I really do not care whether the masses have liked it or not. Am just gonna give my own personal experience sans any effects of the hype created around it or the insepid response it got from some people etc.

Not many movies make me laugh and SIK actually did. I liked the silly and simple comedy and though it did get too much in between, it was mostly enjoyable. A couple of scenes are actually hillarious. I think Akshay is excellent at handling comical roles with careless ease. I loved him in Bhool Bhuliya too ..remember 'Goti' ;-) ?

Other than that - Katrina looks very pretty but doesn't have many dialogues(as usual!). I liked the song 'Teri Oor'.

Kiron Kher also stars in the movie and she's quite likeable. Its cute the way she connects with the villager 'Sardars' when they reach Australia.

The director also managed to get Snoop Dogg to do a song in the end wearing 'Pagri' n all! It was good fun watching Akshay and him in a sherwani on bhangra beats.

Zombie score for SIK - 7/10

Watch this movie if you wanna lighten your heart and forget your worries for a while.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Have you ever had premonitions?
Have you had them consistently over a period of time?
How accurate were they?
Did it scare you to have them?
Did you feel powerful when you realized you are capable of seeing the future or did it intimidate you, what nature is capable of?

Well anyone who reads this post – please consider yourself tagged and go ahead and answer these yourself. Meanwhile here are my answers and experiences in the past.

I have had several premonitions and I could have left them to chance or a byproduct of the probability theory but when they happen consistently and accurately is when it begins to scare me. Yes I feel a strange sense of power within me that I can foresee but let me be honest here – I also feel intimidated with some sort of supernatural touch to this.

In the recent past –

This morning after parking my car, I was walking to office in slush (due to rain-showers over last few days), trying to avoid the puddles of water. I was carrying with me an envelope with important original documents. The walk from parking lot is about ten minutes and I had been careful to tightly grip the packet. When I was only a few steps away from the entrance, seeing the envelope still in my hand, I was happy I hadn’t dropped it. Just then I had a vision – I have dropped the envelope in a puddle of water and some one who found it then came to office to hand it over to me. While I was thinking about this – I entered the office and then crossing the reception, I started fishing in my bag for my swipe card. And then to my horror I realized that the envelope was no longer with me. I rushed back retracing my steps. And thankfully found it but I was shocked to see it lying in a puddle of water! This meant that the premonition came to me just before I dropped the packet. Probably if I had left it lying there for sometime – some one would have picked it and brought it. I wouldn’t know.

Anyhow I dismissed the incidence and went to work.

The second premonition came now about an hour ago. We have a visitor in our house for a few days – a close relative. He was to return late from work this night. Since it was already 11:30, I had dozed off. After about fifteen minutes or so I woke up with a start and thought I heard the door bell. I rushed to open the door but realized it was a dream as there was no one outside when I peeped through the eye. I lazily walked back to the room disappointed as I woke up unnecessarily. Just when I was about to climb on to my bed, within fifteen seconds or so the door bell actually rang. I looked through the eye – he was there. I asked him if he had rung the bell twice – the answer was no.

It’s beginning to scare me now. This is not the first time these series of visions have come to me. There was point of time, about eight years ago when anything that came out of my mouth would come true. It happened for one whole year until I finally shared this with my parents and told them I need help. It was bothering me. It was like some strange presence that was always with me in whatever I did. I began to feel responsible for everything happening around me. And then one night I sat down in solitude and as if spoke to that strange presence around me telling it to go away coz I didn’t want to bear the burden of running this world. It’s not my job I said, it’s probably God’s.

And then things came back to normal again until today. Not sure if this will continue. If it does – I will post here again narrating the same.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Kismat Connection- a review

If you aren’t less than 15 years of age, chances are you may not enjoy this movie. It may be Shahid Kapoor’s comeback film but I don’t go watching movies to promote his career you see!

Vidya Balan’s acting didn’t require much skill and the script was anything but unpredictable. Her clothes in the movie were as if from her own wardrobe, so that didn’t help the movie either. She was sans makeup for God knows what reason and wore a weird white spaghetti with different shirts and knee length skirts in almost every scene. Ugggh!

The two of them don’t look good together but that should have hardly been a constraint if they had enough chemistry.... IF!

But yes what you could do is go on You tube or and listen to the song – ‘Baakhuda’. It’s a nice number and could be heard a few times over.

Zombie score for Kismat Connection – 3/10