Saturday, September 20, 2008

I want out!

AAAAAAAAAAghhhhh! I hate my job. Can’t seem to reconcile with this boring shit anymore. Don’t want to waste 12 hours of my life everyday doing things that don’t interest me. Why be in office and do this mundane work everyday when there is so much color in life! Why can’t I write for a living or get into event management or be a wedding planner or open a boutique or start a bakery shop or get into dramatics or do script writing or generate employment for the poor ? And yes, yet be reasonably rich and reasonably famous ;-)

Am I asking for too much? Does one have to have only one ambition in life ? What will I get by becoming the HR head of a firm one day? Is it worth it to waste so many years of my life doing something that I don’t really wanna do but which could get me money and some fame? I could add a lot of value to a lot of places but just to be able to do that is so much of an effort! I don’t have the knack of getting my way around things. I don’t want to learn how to deal with politics. There are enough people out there who are willing to do that. I don’t want my life to pass by like this. I want out.

But when and how?