Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have always wondered what happens after death. What are the chances of rebirth? The choices are either yes or no..hence the thoery of probability allows me to take yes as a fifty percent chance.

If yes, what are the chances of being born human again? My own homegrown theory of probablity, lack of statistics and the will on my part to do any research here, forces me to once more take it as fifty percent.

But even if that happens, even if one is born human, the thing that I hate to ask myself is - what are the chances one would be born to the same parents/family/surroundings/siblings/friends or meet the same set of people or have the same persona/habits/traits/likes/dislikes/abilities/diabilities.. in essence - the stuff that constitutes ME? Definitely not fifty percent, in fact I doubt if this could happen at all. Even if my soul lives, it may never be able to choose it’s family or build the same complex matrix of relationships or ever replicate all the stuff that makes ‘me’ me.

In essence – rebirth or no rebirth, this is the only sweet little life I have I guess.
And guess what …..I realize.. I love it the way it is..Don’t want to replace much here.. ma, pa , my torturous sister, over balanced brother, an innocent husband and a forever confused and dissatisfied me. None of this would I ever want to lose.