Saturday, December 03, 2011

Friday, November 04, 2011

The Malibu effect...

I know not where I am, why I am here, why am I with who I am with and what am I doing. I also have no clue as to where I want to be, whether I want anyone with me there and what I want to do with my life.

Violent mood swings send me into a tizzy. There are hours in a day..when all seems so settled and life is just what I imagined it to be and then disgust takes over leaving me wondering how soon I could get out of this...dungeon of 'happiness'.

btw..isn't alcohol supposed to make us happy??!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Basics of a Political Party for India

It pains me that I do not have a voter’s id card yet for my own area. I have my reasons for not being able to do so but well they aren’t good enough.

However even if I could vote, who would that be for? I don’t see a single political party that’s not corrupt or whose leaders are less than ridiculous.

It enrages me.. the fanaticism of BJP and I can’t stand to see the tyrannical rule of the Gandhi family. They are there because the public couldn’t care less, I couldn’t care less and anyone sensible couldn’t care less. The educated masses that have any semblance of how a country could be run doesn’t have the time. They are too busy making money to be able to take home enough so that even after the corrupt politicians have stuffed their Swiss banks and bought their private jets, they have something left with them to enjoy the good things in life.

A couple of years ago, an independent candidate called Meera Sanyal stood for elections at Mumbai. She’s a banker – well educated, intelligent, charismatic and very successful. I would have loved to vote for her provided she was in my constituency. But I would have also loved to find out whether she had the backing and support of a solid group of people who would have been there to form her party. This set of people needed to be intelligent, educated, honest and also very importantly they also needed to have a history! A history of doing stuff at grass root level, of knowing their system, of putting things in place selflessly even if in their own small ways. Rest, Meera's leadership would have taken care of. She lost the elections and I never did find out about her but what India needs is more of such candidatures and more backing for such candidates!

Reaching a point where one gathers the courage and financial backing to stand for elections is one thing, but doing what is genuinely required to stand for elections is totally another! And what could the latter entail? To my mind - working on the issues that your region is facing, is what I would seek in a party I’d like to vote for.

So why don’t people with Political ambitions make a small beginning? Why don’t they get together and think on how we can go about doing this. They needn’t dig too deep, the basic problems facing us are staring into our faces from all national dailies and in our day to day life anyways.

Bad Roads, Electricity shortage, Water problems, Traffic jams, Garbage lying in the open, Water retention due to lack of proper sewage, Corruption in government offices…the list is endless.

Is there anything that the common man can do about the above? Do we think we can come up with solutions at a micro level that can be implemented:

- Without the financial assistance of government.
- Without disturbing the existing systems in place.
- Without participation from anyone in a position of power
- Without requiring the intervention of any other political party

If the existing government is really devoid of people who can think, then that means we still have the entire think tank of India with us to arrive upon solutions to these.

All I am asking is for us to make a very small beginning and who knows in a few years from now we will have several Meera Sanyals standing for elections and who knows one of them will win!!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Taal of my favourite movies and highly under-rated one!

I love the character sketches, the songs..and I totally love Anil Kapoor in the movie..he should have got Aishwarya in the end :(

Posting a song close to my heart from Taal....