Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Shut up!!

Since when did I stop expressing myself when I didn't like something? I can't really recall, but it started after marriage and oddly this didn't happen at home as much as it did at work. Was it insecurity? Perhaps I couldn't bear the thought of being out of job. But that's how it has been  with me ever since I started earning. So what was it that told me to shut up and bear whatever undeserving negativity that came my way?

I can't become a spectator in my own show. Anything is better than that ...even being a joker!

I am going to take that man's happiness tomorrow and everyday until I have to deal with him. Bullies can't be set right with polite words. They need to be shown their place when ever they get nasty and perhaps even when they don't until they understand where they actually stand.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Its me...

I really think I was born to be a tragedy queen. No matter what the circumstances I manage to make myself miserable. I have had an awesome life till now..been lucky in so many aspects. Fell in love twice..have seen so much beauty. Yet I only crib about what I don't have. I am almost certain that if I had been at the place where I imagined myself to be originally...I wd have still  managed to make myself unhappy. Its me...I am the problem. I need to see a shrink!