Friday, October 07, 2016

So close and yet so far!

Been thinking of starting this venture for the last almost 18 months now. Have done quite a bit of research, planning, structuring and what not...even spoken to an ex-colleague about it in detail and not to forget a presentation(in it's entirety! like an absolute idiot with no business sense at all) to a guy I was hoping to partner with. Heck, I even have a business plan! And yet...the lure of just going back to a prestigious position commanding a whole lot of respect, utilising the experience I have painstakingly gathered over the last twelve years keeps making me re-think. I also wonder if this is what I was 'meant' to do! I mean I have never ever in my life thought about doing this as a hobby let alone a career option but then I am sure this is true of the guy who started the inexpensive sanitary towels company too! He just saw a problem and found an affordable way to fix it! I don't have to be overly passionate about it..and it's not like things I have been passionate about are viable career options at this stage anyway. Get on with it babe..get it out of your system now..into the world. Focus, believe and deliver!

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