Saturday, March 04, 2017

Helpless or Cold?

Over the last two very confusing years of my life, at least one thing has become very clear to me - the need to express, in fact more precisely the need to write. It's the fuel that keeps me going, it's my energy stick, heck it's my mode of survival! Talking about survival, a thought that has constantly stayed with me for the last year or so has been the plight of Syrian children. The war has shamelessly snatched them of their innocence and gnawed mercilessly at their tender minds and hearts. Imagine losing your entire family right in front of your eyes and then not just living with that trauma but also fighting for your own survival. It's gut wrenching, just to think about it. I wish I could be a mother to each such kid lost in this ghastly, ruthless and absolutely mindless war. I wish I could wipe all the pain and misery from their minds and hearts forever. I wish I could hide them all in a safe abode and give them the life they should have been living as children. A life of love and pampering replete with silly fun - animation, rhymes, slides, scribbles and color. Shame on all of us who have done nothing but helplessly watched. Shame on our collective talent and intelligence. Shame on our lack of concern we like to call 'helplessness'. I want to do something about it. I have to. I can't just feel sentimental about it, write a few lines and clear my conscience. I will find out.

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