Saturday, April 15, 2017

I am happiest when..

..I do things right. When I am in control, when I am disciplined and regimental about stuff, when I put a method to my madness and that goes for sorting emotions out in my mind too. In fact that's one big reason I have started feeling the need to go to a temple-like place often..(a gurudwara in my case as of now due it's proximity)..helps me confront my thoughts. I don't believe in God but I definitely do not want to risk having a dishonest dialogue with him ;) so really helps clear out the fog!

Pat on the back for:

.. for once again feeling beautiful having lost all that weight I was so lovingly nurturing on my body

.. having the courage to go out and present my idea with conviction to a business partner

.. meeting my first customer and getting a teeny weeny bit of hope to make something out of my proposal

.. for being with my daughter like no other mom I have seen around and ensuring she's in safe hands and safe situations

.. for staying disturbed about the temporary inability to contribute to the GDP of the world

.. for taking time out to polish my nails :D :D

Not such a Zombie after all..ha! :)